Article 446 ter para. 1 of the Code of Civil procedure provides that "Lawyers assess their fees with the discretion, which may be expected from them in the performance of their duties". These fees may not exceed 'the limits of due moderation'.

The professional rules require lawyers to ensure that their fees are foreseeable and to inform their clients diligently on the methods they use in determining their fees.

DALDEWOLF applies these principles scrupulously, being flexible and listening to clients' concerns.

We talk openly about fees right from the first interview. We work mainly on the basis of hourly rates, which depend on the seniority and expertise of lawyers involved in the case. We can accommodate this method to the client’s needs and requests.

We are aware that legal departments and businesses need a budget when they request legal advice. We can offer all-in fees or stepped formula, which define very precisely the services to be delivered for a specific budget.

In some cases, we work on the basis of a success fee, in line with the principle of moderation and the prohibition of the pactum de quota litis (contingency fees). Fees are never calculated on the basis of desired results.

Advance payment requests are regularly sent, so our clients can organize their budget.

DALDEWOLF provides a detailed breakdown and a precise description of the services rendered.

Whatever the billing method, our main concern is how our clients value our services. We are aware, above all, that the cost of our services must always be in proportion to the value they represent in the eyes of our clients.

We will be happy to explain our different billing methods.

Our managing partner will provide you with full details on your specific situation upon request: pdw@daldewolf.com.

Our general terms and conditions of business are available as a PDF