DALDEWOLF offers a wide range of services covering all branches of tax law : income taxes, VAT, registration duties (gift and inheritance taxes), local taxes, customs duties…

The expert team assesses all fiscal aspects of an operation ensuring its optimization : corporate and joint-venture restructuring, usufruct and bare ownership schemes, incorporation of individual businesses, tax relocation, salary-splits, building and construction (particularly VAT aspects), director – company relations…

In close cooperation with the estate law team, our lawyers analyse all fiscal aspects of operations, such as donations, inheritance and more generally estate planning. This includes the tax system applicable to various organisations such as trust funds or private foundations.

Issues of accountancy law, often crucial regarding corporate taxation, are also handled by our tax expert team.

While treating these technical and sensitive issues, our tax team favours a prudent and pragmatic approach.

Our lawyers assist taxpayers in dealing with the tax authorities, regarding tax regularization operations, in negotiating discharge plans or debt forgiveness, conciliation attempts or ruling applications.

The team represents taxpayers in disputes arising with the tax authorities at all the stages of administrative and legal proceedings (including proceedings before the Conseil d’État, the Cour Constitutionnelle and the Court of Justice of the European Union).

Olivier Bertin, who is also a lecturer at the UCL and the ULg, is the head of the tax expert team, which further comprises Yaël Spiegl, Julien Colson, both benefiting from a large experience with international companies.