Litigation, arbitration, mediation

The expertise of DALDEWOLF in the field of judicial, administrative and disciplinary proceedings before national and international courts is recognized.

Arbitration and mediation, as other ADR's methods, are at the heart of the practice of a highly specialized team.

Georges-Albert Dal, Patrick Van Leynseele, Patrick De Wolf and Marc Dal are frequently called as arbitrators or as counsels in international arbitrations, either ad hoc or international (CEPANI, ICC, ICDR, SAA, UNCITRAL or OHADA). 

Georges-Albert Dal and Marc Dal are the co-authors of the book « L’arbitrage en droit belge et international » (t. I, third edition, Brussels, Bruylant, 2015) and of the Belgian chapter of the « International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration » (Kluwer Law International). Both are members of the Board of Directors of the Belgian Center for Arbitration and Mediation (CEPANI).

Patrick De Wolf is regularly appointed as an arbitrator in numerous complex litigation proceedings related to shareholders disputes, breach of international contracts or investment disputes. As recognized expert in Ohada law, Patrick De Wolf is often involved as arbitrator or as counsel in African market related disputes.

Marc Dal is past president of the CEPANI 40.  

Aside form his arbitration practice, Patrick Van Leynseele is the Belgian pioneer of national and international commercial mediation. He mediated over 200 commercial cases. He is a distinguished Member of the International Academy of Mediatiors (IAM).

The members of the team are Georges-Albert Dal, Patrick Van Leynseele, Patrick De Wolf, Marc Dal and Fabian Tchékémian.