Africa Desk

The firm has a recognized expertise on the African legal market in different areas, which include energy, mining, telecom, the financial sector, transportation, etc.

Our teams are regularly involved in negotiation and conclusion of transactions, which usually involve actors from several countries, often with international lenders (including "Project Finance").

We also assist our clients in establishing their business in Africa, especially in bank and insurance sectors.

In the litigation area, the firm is active in numerous arbitral proceedings (ICC, UNCITRAL, ...). We assist our clients in such complex litigation but also frequently as arbitrators, due to the internationally recognized specialty of the firm's "arbitration" department.

Finally, our lawyers are regularly to carry on study and research projects in the context of tender offers by international organizations such as the European Union or the World Bank.

The activity on the African market is also illustrated by the publication of articles with a specialised content (especially, but not exclusively, about the OHADA Treaty) and by the regular organisation of specialised conferences in Europe or Africa on investment and business law in Africa.

The Africa Desk is rooted in the experience of Patrick De Wolf and in the strength of DALDEWOLF's intertwined activities in all areas of expertise centered on Africa: corporate and finance, arbitration, mediation and litigation, competition, IP / IT, contracts, etc.

Some members of the firm have actively supported the accession process of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the OHADA Treaty. They developed a sharp expertise in all domains of the OHADA law, especially in the corporate and securities areas, essential pillars for investment agreements in Africa.

The firm's action radius extends to almost all countries of the continent, thanks to cooperation agreements with local firms selected on the basis of their expertise and ethics, with a particular predilection for the Congo (DRC) Rwanda, and Burundi.

Our Africa Desk team is manned by Patrick De Wolf, Romain BattajonGeorges-Albert Dal, Fabian Tchékémian and Marc Dal.


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