Administrative law and public procurement


DALDEWOLF offer services in public procurement, administrative and public law in general.


Public procurement

DALDEWOLF is involved in all areas in which the authorities interface with business, particularly in financial administrative law, such as : 

  • Public procurement by Belgian authorities and European institutions.
  • Transactions involving public property.
  • Financial activity of public authorities.
  • Outsourcing of government activities. 

In all these fields, DALDEWOLF advises authorities and assimilated entities, such as universities, public and private companies. It assists the parties involved and acts at all stages of the contractual process: 

  • Defining the subject matter and drafting invitations to tender and specifications.
  • Handling tender offers and bids.
  • Incidents in procurement procedures.
  • Analysis of applicants and bids, and procurement decisions.
  • Performance of contracts. 

We act in disputes, both in summary and ordinary proceedings, before civil courts, before the Conseil d’Etat (the Belgian administrative court) and the European Courts of Justice.


Administrative and public law

In the field of administrative and public law, DALDEWOLF advises and assists the authorities and private parties in the following areas: 

  • Fundamental rights.
  • Regional and local tax.
  • Administrative affairs.
  • Relations between authorities and inter-municipal organizations of supervisory authorities.
  • Town planning and environment. 

Daldewolf acts in interlocutory and ordinary preliminary proceedings and disputes before the authorities and administrative tribunals, civil courts, the Conseil d’Etat and the European Court of Human Rights.


Our administrative law team consists of Emmanuel van Nuffel, together with Dominique Bogaert en Kevin Munungu.