Editorial december 2019

Editorial December 2019 – Olivier BERTIN | DALDEWOLF


DECEMBER 2019 - Olivier BERTIN

Modified almost annually, mobility taxation affects us all, regardless of the mode of transport we choose.
Starting in 2020, there will be a change to the rules applying to company cars: deductions will be less advantageous. What will be the impact, given the concomitant drop in the corporate tax rate?
Companies have been encouraged to offer alternatives to company cars: what are they and why are they not so successful?
Does the legislator really promote low-emission cars? The answer must be qualified, given the recently introduced restrictions on the use of electric vehicles and "false" hybrids.
Very favorable tax regimes apply, on the other hand, to certain types of alternative transports: motorcycle, bicycle, public transport.
If time permits, the seminar on December 10th will also address the (discordant) policies of the regions in relation to traffic taxes.

Olivier BERTIN | Tax