On October 4th, Me Yaël Spiegl will address real estate VAT issues as part of a luncheon meeting for notaries. Sales subject to VAT, operations subject to reduced rates, the new VAT regime on rents, all current topics will be reviewed.

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REGULATED PROFESSIONS – EUROPEAN UNION LAW. First comment. Thierry Bontinck, Marie Forgeois. Directive 2018/958 / EU on the proportionality check has been published in the OJEU on 9 July 2018.

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Georges-Albert Dal participated to the GGI (Geneva Group International) French-speaking Summit held in Brussels from 6 until 8 July 2018, DALDEWOLF being one of the members hosting the event. He made a presentation on the theme: "Developing arbitration in the French-speaking world".

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DALDEWOLF, whose offices are located in Brussels, with branche offices in Geneva and Paris, has opened beginning of the first trimester of 2018 a new office in Kinshasa lead by Romain Battajon, previous member of the Bar of Paris, member of the Bar of Kinshasa/Matete since 2007 and associated member of the Brussels’ Bar. This enterprise will allow us to enhance the services we offer to our clients on an international playing field on the African continent.

For further information, please read the article published in the GGI review (Geneva Group International), to which DALDEWOLF is a member.

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